Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company

The Linde Group

Founded in 1879 The Linde Group is the worlds largest industrial gas company by both market share and revenue. The Linde Group has over 600 affiliated companies in more than 100 countries, offering their customers from the industrial, retail, trade, science, research and public sectors a comprehensive product and service portfolio. The Linde Group website portfolio comprises of over 700 websites across the world, which are available in multiple languages.

The company employees over 65,000 people and has a revenue of over €17 Billion. The group is split into two principal divisions, which is their Gasses Division & Engineering Division.

How we offer support

We were approached by their digital global project manager to support The Linde Group with maintaining and uploading content for their various divisional websites and their branded websites across several countries and spread over 3 continents.

This involved a three day intensive training course at their head office based in Munich. During the training we learnt the workings of their rather complex CMS platform. When you are maintaining over 700 websites you can be sure that the system used needs to be both complex to handle the job and simple at the same time to ensure it can be used across many countries.

Currently we perform regular content updates on a ongoing basis for The Linde Group as well as feedback any real time improvements.

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